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Who We Are

We are a Bay Area family of four working on a big dream building a tiny house.

About Us | Big Tiny House

In our crew, we’ve got Danielle (that’s me!).

I’m a Mama. Quilter. Doodler. Hiker. Photographer. Life-enjoyer. Board Gamer. Printmaker. Writer.

Who We Are | Big Tiny House

And Aaron.

Papa. Map Maker. Beer Brewer. Beer Drinker. Tinkerer. Jack-of-all Trades. Model Rocket Launcher. Ready to Tackle and Try Anything Kinda Guy.

Our Family | Big Tiny HouseAnd the littles, the two kids that inspire and motivate us to get this project out of our brains and into reality.

Ewan (6).

Adventurer. Big Dreamer. Question Asker. Future Astronaut.

and Xander (4).

Mister Energy. Nature Lover. Explorer. Tiny Scientist.

In the coming months, all four of us will be adding tiny-house builder, and the skills that come along with that title, to the list of things that we are. I will be primarily in charge of logistics, planning and documenting the process. Aaron will be the primary problem-solver and guy that makes sure this thing gets done (I’ve got a habit of starting big projects in a flurry of excitement and then, well, never finishing them). Ewan will be the cheerleader, fervently believing and reminding us that we all can really do this. And Xander will keep us all smiling the whole time with his energy and jokes!


{Family photos courtesy of the incredibly talented Tara Morris of Tspoon Photography}

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