Our Tiny House Trailer

Tiny House Trailer Photo Ops | bigtiny.house

Late Tuesday night our trailer arrived. It was a bit of a task getting it into the build location – a tight squeeze between two palm trees – but it made it. It’s here!

The trailer we chose was a custom build through Tiny House Basics. We went for the custom build in order to get a couple of options – flush cross members and drop axles. These two options get us a lot of extra interior head space. We get an additional 4-inches from the drop axles and 3.5-inches from building our subfloor into the trailer itself, rather than building it on top. When we’re talking about a build of our size and scale, those 7.5-inches will make a world of difference.

The trailer is 24-ft x 102-inches with two 7k axles. We’ve got smooth fenders (to make framing around them easier) and a nice charcoal gray paint job.

This trailer is going to be a fine foundation for our tiny house. And now we’re really ready to get this build started!

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