Goofing Around on the Tiny House Trailer

Tiny House Touring

Just a few weekends ago we had the chance to visit the fine folks behind Tiny House Basics to take a look at their trailers and get a peek inside one of their builds-in-progress.


It was really good to get there and get inside a tiny house. Not only did we get a chance to get a sense of the space which, when empty, seemed way more spacious than I had imagined it would.

The fact that the design is similar to the one we’ll be building oh-so-soon, on the same size trailer even, made me really excited as I imagined the four of us spending time in there looking out on the woods and mountains.

We also got to really check out the nuts-and-bolts of the build. The interior walls were exposed studs, so we really got to see the way the whole thing came together.

Attaching the Framing to the Tiny House Trailer |

Framing Around the Wheel Wells |

Framing near the Cantilever |


And we didn’t just get to check out the shell. We also got to check out the trailer. It’s not ours quite yet – we’re waiting on backordered axles – but it won’t be long before the boys are goofing around on a tiny house trailer all our own.

Goofing Around on the Tiny House Trailer

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