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Our Tiny House Floor Plan

The basic plan we’ll be using for our tiny house is the Entertaining Abode, by Tiny House Basics. There are so many things we love about this plan, which make it a really solid place to start.

Entertaining Abode Exterior by Tiny House Basics{Photo Courtesy of Tiny House Basics}

We really like the style of the exterior. The cantilevers on each end give the otherwise rectangular structure a bit of architectural detail and visual interest. The fact that they provide additional interior square footage is a definite bonus.

Each cantilever is 2-feet deep and provides 15.5 additional square feet for a total of 31 square feet. When we’re talking about a sub-300 square foot home, that is more than 10% and will make a big big difference.

Entertaining Abode Interior by Tiny House Basics{Photo Courtesy of Tiny House Basics}

We’re also big fans of the bright, open-feeling interior with large lofts on each end. All the windows, including the full window door, make a huge impact on the space. All those windows add a bunch of light and bring the outdoors in. With a small space, that’s super important.

Entertaining Abode Accordion Window by Tiny House Basics{Photo Courtesy of Tiny House Basics}

Another thing we absolutely love is this huge front accordion window. We love love love it, but it won’t be a part of our build. It’s an expensive specialty window and carries an expensive specialty window price tag. And so we’ll be opting for something a bit more standard. Something that will let in an equal amount of light but won’t have quite the impact, either on the house or on our budget.

That’s the awesome thing about this project. We get to take some of the pieces we love, sub out for some others, move things around, make different choices and end up with a house that is inspired by others but built by us with our specific needs in mind.

That window isn’t the only thing that we’re planning to change. Actually, we’re really planning to rework a lot of the floor plan and have been busily sketching away finding something that really fits.

Sketching Floor Plans for the Tiny House |

And this is what we’ve come up with.

Tiny House Floor Plan

BigTiny.House Loft Level Floor Plan

So, what did we change? Well, a lot.

For starters, we’re building ours a bit smaller than the one that Tiny House Basics built. There home was built on a 28-foot trailer and we opted for building on a 24-foot trailer. We did that for a couple of reasons, the most important being that a smaller trailer is easier to move. A 24-foot trailer, which will give us about 275 total square feet, seemed like a sweet spot. Large enough to serve well as a weekend home for our family of four, but small enough that we feel comfortable that we’ll be able to get it where it needs to be once its finished.

With the change in length, we essentially cut 2-feet out of the center section of the house and 2-feet from the master loft side of the house. Along with that very basic alteration, we’re making a few other changes to the floor plan.

We’ll be moving the bathroom over to the same side as the kitchen. We did this for two reasons. First, it’ll simplify plumbing by placing the kitchen sink and the shower right next to each other. Anything that makes things simpler is a huge bonus. Second, it makes the kitchen a bit smaller, which is totally alright since this is going to be a weekend/holiday/guest home instead of a full-time residence.

Once we had the bathroom and the kitchen moved to the same side of the house, we had one entire side free. That space gives us the perfect place to create a dedicated sitting nook. That space will give all of us a place to sit and chat, read books and whatnot. I like that it isn’t in the traffic flow, so it should be a bit more peaceful and inviting. We don’t currently plan to wall that off, but it would always be an option if needed. The sofa can also serve as an additional bed as needed and we’ll have storage beneath, perhaps for a set of bean bag chairs for the kids.

We also changed the stairs, while I love the look and openness of their floating stairs, we really wanted something that could serve two purposes, so we’ll be building a set of storage stairs. In addition to storing our fridge (a smaller sized one), there’ll be plenty of space for us to build-in a litter box and have shelving for shoes, coats and such.

As far as the upstairs is concerned, everything pretty much stayed the same. There are two lofts. One will be the master loft and it’ll be 10-foot long. We’ll be building a half-storage wall to provide a bit of storage and privacy.

The other loft will be the kids room and will have two twin beds side-by-side with a small storage divider in between.

All windows in both lofts will be made a bit larger so that they serve as egress points.

Phew. That seems like a whole lot. And it is. But now that we have a floor plan and a trailer on the way, we needed to have a floor plan settled on so that we can hit the ground running once the foundations here.

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    1. Of course there’ll have to be a spot for her litter box! That girl will be joining us for weekend adventuring!

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