Lucas and Natalie with their Tiny Build

While out for drinks one night, Aaron’s childhood friend and best-man, Lucas texted a picture of his tiny build in progress. These two are the best examples I know of of people who genuinely live life. Seeing their build, that they were going for it, made us realize it was time for us to stop stalling and get started on our own.

A Reason to Go Tiny |

These boys are a huge inspiration to us. The way they come alive when they’re out in nature. The way they think anything is possible. The way they live day-by-day, as though today is the only day that matters.

Entertaining Abode by Tiny House Basics

Joshua and Shelley’s house, the Entertaining Abode, was the design that we fell in love with. It was the first space we totally connected with and could completely imagine spending a lot of time in. Open. Airy. With the shed roof and simple floorpan it also seemed doable.