Big, big things have happened since I last wrote an update. We’ve started framing and are just one loft shy of it being completed.

Crazy what a difference three weekends makes – no walls to walls! Lots of them! Tall ones!

Raising the First Framed Wall |

Quite honestly, framing was one of the steps I was most worried about. I had argued before the build, pretty heavily, for having a barn raiser – paying someone else to do the subfloor, frame and sheath the walls and roof joists. Aaron felt pretty strongly that if we were going to build this house, WE were going to BUILD this house.

And I’m glad he held to his position.

As it turns out framing is hard, but it is also super rewarding. I’m embarrassed to admit how much jumping up and down and squealing with delight that has happened with each wall we’ve raised. Each time we frame it out on the ground, lift it into place, and it FITS, seems like a major achievement. And I guess that it is.

Attaching the Walls to the Subfloor |

Assembling Window Headers |

I’m also glad to see that both kids are still super interested and invested in the build.

Eating Donuts in the Tiny House |

Ewan is more inclined than Xander to hop in and help, with a few more years, strength and confidence behind them. Xander is content to hang out, snack, and be our cheerleader.

Framing Progress |

Now that all the walls on the lower level are framed, there are fewer opportunities for the kids to help at the moment. So much of the work has moved up for a time. But that also means that the kids are able to hang out in their loft, starting to get a feel for the space that will be theirs.

Framing the Tiny House Loft |

For this part of the build, our favorite tools have been:

Using the Framing Nailer |

DeWalt Collated Pneumatic Framing Nailer
(makes super quick work of assembling the walls)

DeWalt Compound Miter Saw
(borrowed from a generous friend)

Cutting Studs with the Miter Saw |

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