Adding the Liquid Nails |

Finishing the Floor

This past weekend we saw our first major tiny house building milestone – we finished up the subfloor!

All told, the flashing, insulating and subfloor installation took us a little over a month.

Using the Circular Saw to Cut for the Subfloor |

I’m really thankful to be done drilling holes through steel.

Well, almost done. Truth be told, there is one set of flashing trays below the trailer that still need to be fastened to the trailer. We just ran out of steam there.

Drilling Bolt Holes through the Subfloor |

I’m really thankful to be done tin-snipping metal.

And I’m really really thankful to be done working while surrounded by shiny galvanized steel flashing trays and foil-faced insulation. With the California sun beating down, it felt as though we were working in a tanning bed.

Goofing Around |

Even though the preparation of our foundation took us far longer than I would have expected, we had a lot of fun in the process.

Our eldest, Ewan, really jumped in and helped throughout. He became a pro at driving the screws into the trailer with the impact driver. Xander was more content to watch and snack from the sidelines, feeling a bit skittish around all the power tools. He truly embraced the new build day tradition of buying a dozen donuts en route to the work site.

Now we get to proceed onwards, and upwards! With walls!!

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