Big, big things have happened since I last wrote an update. We’ve started framing and are just one loft shy of it being completed. Crazy what a difference three weekends makes – no walls to walls! Lots of them! Tall ones!

Goofing Around on the Tiny House Trailer

Tiny House Touring

Just a few weekends ago we had the chance to visit the fine folks behind Tiny House Basics to take a look at their trailers and get a peek inside one of their builds-in-progress. It was really good to get there and get inside a tiny house. Not only did we get a chance to get a […]

Reasons Why We're Building Tiny |

Why Tiny

It’s hard, really, to answer why we’ve decided to build a tiny house. At least it’s hard to answer it succinctly. But I’ll do my best. First and foremost, We like a good project. The thing that really makes Aaron and I’s heart skip a beat is the prospect of doing something new.